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Kokoro offers services and software to help teams move and improve.
Use our tool to understand employee experience, hold better meetings and build healthy high performing teams.


Design your team culture

Three ways to high-performing teams

bullet-homepage-1  Learn with Workshops

New ways of working require a changed mindset. Kokoro workshops are interactive sessions designed to open fresh perspectives for the whole team. Start something new – together.


bullet-homepage-2  Measure with Pulse Surveys

Get to the heart of what makes your team tick with short, regular pulse surveys for deeper insights into employee experience.


bullet-homepage-3  Change with Coaching

You can go it alone. But you don’t have to: Expert support helps you make the most of your data and put insights into action.


Picture Adel
“At Continental Tires we have been building up Digital Solutions as an intrapreneurial start-up. Our organizational growth has been very rapid. The support delivered by Kokoro on team development and strategy was one key to our success. We were able to cope with the growth speed effectively and even meet our own high performance aspirations.”

Michael Neuheisel

Head of Digital Solutions Tires
Continental Reifen Deutschland GmbH

Supercharge your team

Measure and develop all dimensions of employee experience with Kokoro.
Based on the latest research and tested by real teams.

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bullet-homepage-4  Belonging

Building a sense of belonging has been proven to boost performance by up to 56% and reduce turnover by half. We support you in raising levels of belonging in your teams with clear data and specific actions.

bullet-homepage-5  Psychological Safety

When teams are able to take risks and speak up without fear of negative consequences, engagement and innovation improve. We help you build and sustain the safety your teams need.

bullet-homepage-6  Flow

For teams to be truly effective, they need to find their flow: a state where they can do deep work and find full focus. We provide hands-on tips and actionable data to increase flow for the whole team.

Up to

56%  arrow-up

Increase in job performance with a stronger sense of Belonging

Up to

More innovation in teams with high Psychological Safety

Top executives report being

5x  arrow-up

More productive when in Flow

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