About us

Kokoro (Japanese: 心) stands for heart. Written with the above character, this word signifies also mind, in the emotional sense; spirit; courage; resolve; sentiment; affection; and inner meaning, – just as we say in English, “the heart of all things.”

Lafcadio Hearn

We founded Kokoro in 2018 because we felt the way performance is measured and optimised is broken. We wanted to find new ways of helping people learn and grow.

In our years of working with teams of all shapes and sizes, we realised the only way to effect change is to build better environments for teams to thrive in.

So that is exactly what we do with our clients.


The Kokoro Team


Imran Rehman

The heart of the heart of things. Imran’s vast experience as coach and consultant is what fuels everything Kokoro does – from introducing the three dimensions of successful team collaboration to asking the right questions right up to helping you take the right actions.

Reach out to talk about Coaching, Team Development and Leadership. And about dogs 🐕.


Andrej Barla

Community Builder, Sales Whizz and Workshop Facilitator – wherever there’s people feeling happy, optimistic and upbeat, you can be sure Andrej is behind the good vibes.

Talk to him about Kokoro Workshops, the right solution for your team and how to get your boss excited about Kokoro. And cats 🐈‍.


Sabine Ballata

Designs and builds Kokoro Services and our Survey Tool, and makes double sure all our research is done, the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed.

Get in touch with her about the Pulse Survey features, Product Design and Digitalisation. And mountains 🏔.

Shazad Rehman pic

Shazad Rehman

You are not seeing double, he is Imran’s twin. With decades of experience as a software developer, he not only makes sure your data is safe and sound, but also advises us on how to get Kokoro right for agile teams.

Talk to him about software development, anonymity and security. And DIY 🔩.

Martin Knecht

Martin Knecht

Beyond lines of code and logic, Martin infuses the team with thoughtful insights, energising kindness and his cheerful spirit. Passionate about helping teams develop every team members potential, he’s an invaluable contributor to our team.

The extended team

Adriana Liendo

makes this website reality

Chris Gannon

performs animated interactive SVG wizardry

Katharina Petsche

puts Kokoro questions into pictures that are better than words

Stefanie Kuhnhen

got things started as our partner

external-link  Stefanie’s Linkedin

Dirk Freytag

keeps us afloat and advises us in business