Wondering where to start your path to a more effective way of working?
Set up new forms of collaboration and create inclusive spaces with our interactive and engaging workshops.

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“Kokoro made the impossible possible: Igniting a rich discussion on a highly relevant topic. Great content, great moderation and great use of innovative remote teaming approaches.”

Dr. Dorothea von Wichert-Nick

Founder of Volate and ex-COO of etventure in Berlin

How our workshops support team leads

Open up a new space for transformation

  • Create excitement and motivation for change
  • Integrate the right actions for your team from the start
  • Book our modular workshops individually or as a series
  • Remote, hybrid and in-situ formats available
  • Free 30min follow-up session included
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Workshops for everyone in the team

Start learning as a team

  • Work together to help each other grow
  • Approach team challenges in a safe space
  • Get better at productive conflict
  • Understand the impact of continuous feedback
  • Find your team flow